Your way into the music business

Start with my offers NOW optimally prepared for your creative future!

I've cleared some time this week to talk to you personally about how we can supply you or your band with the necessary starter package to hit the ground running.

During this phone call we will develop a photo concept, with which you can bring yourself and your band forward and have more time for the really important things in life. This concept includes artist portraits as well as concert photos, which are ready for you not only to be used by the press but also by a future label or management.

  • You finally want to live your dream of being a professional musician?

  • You are not yet sure how your branding and internet presence should look like?

  • You have cool ideas, but don't know how to realize them?

  • ​​Are you tired of asking your friends if they can take a picture that you might have to edit yourself?

  • Maybe you are still looking for members for your band?

Are you ready to stand out from all the other artists just by being well prepared and get a huge advantage in business? 

But pay attention: This isn't for everyone!


You are a solo musician or have a band and you are currently looking for your place in the music business

You have the opportunity and the willingness to invest in yourself and your goals - YES! My offers are still student friendly

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