LIGHTROOM PRESETS |  Summertime Standards

LIGHTROOM PRESETS | Summertime Standards

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Includes 4 ambient presets for use in Adobe Lightroom Classic (9.2.1 or later) and the free Lightroom Mobile App. For a expressive visual language and a currently popular warm look.


    I can finally and proudly present my Summer Lightroom Presets! With the Summertime Standard Lightroom Preset Collection you get 4 atmospheric Lightroom Presets for your summer photos. The presets Summer Sunrise, Summerrain, Summerteint and Summerlake can be used for really every type of summer-images. It's a basic preset-collection. You can edit your photos on your mobile phone (LR Mobile is for free), and in the desktop version on your computer.

    Please keep in mind that presets can just improve your photos.  A good source photo should be in good resolution (preferably RAW format, or mobile phone photos in good quality). You also have to adjust little parameters like temperature in order to use my looks correctly.

    Feel free to tag me in your edited photos!


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    Feel free to contact me, if you need help importing the file in LR Classic or LR Mobile! 


    Are there any issues? Didn't you get a Download-Link? Please get in touch with me!

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