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I've cleared some time this week to talk to you personally about how we can supply you or your band with a high quality photo package to represent your goals and emotions.

During this phone call we will develop a photo concept, with which you can bring yourself and your band to the top of your career. This concept includes not only artist portraits but also and mainly a complete accompaniment of your tours, ready to be used for websites, social media and by the press!

  • You want to play music for the rest of your live?

  • You want to sell out bigger concert halls?

  • You want to appear real and authentic on social media?

  • You want all these feelings during a concert to be captured forever?

  • You have cool ideas and need professional photos to realize them?

  • You want more traffic and maybe support for your social media account?

  • You want to go a step further in your career and the industry?

Are you ready to stand out from all the other artists just by doing what you love?

But pay attention: This isn't for everyone!

You are a solo musician or have a band and you are already playing live shows regularly

You have the opportunity and the willingness to invest in yourself and your goals - YES! There's always a greater goal!

You have an empty seat in your nightliner and want to fill it with someone who will take you further in the music business

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