How to import your presets in LR:

LR Desktop:

  • open the desktop-application Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC

  • click on the "Edit" on the left top side, then on "Preferences"

  • now choose "Presets"

  • you now see two buttons called "Show Lightroom Develop Presets" and "Show all other Lightroom Presets"

  • since this files are .xmp-files you click on "Show Lightroom DeveloPresets"

  • (if you have older .lrtemplate-files, you can open them via the other button)

  • now it opens a folder, click "Settings" and drop your downloaded .zip-folder here

  • open this folder in Lighroom

  • restart LR

LR Mobile App:

  • download the free mobile app

  • open the .zip-folder on your phone via clicking on it and then on the button "extract"

  • open the LR app

  • add any photo to any folder in this app

  • click on this photo

  • scroll to the right, where you can see "Presets" on the bottom

  • click on "Presets" and then on the three-point-sign

  • choose "Import Presets"

  • import the extracted .xmp-files from your download-folder